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to be traveling to acquire

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As long as build up a few Gao greatly last view area, cover a few high star classes hotel, doing an advertisement of essential medium may can draw on a visitor to come.The level of the environment and city management of local economic social development as far as, the citizen's daily life, usually can't have regard for.Wear Bin to mean, now, those old ways were then dishonest to use.More and more visitor the line is an individual tourist to turn a way line, they take the viewpoint experiencing personally a foreign land life to integrate among the citizen's daily life, all the time not at with usually of the vision conjecture the city of destination, they still need to see scenery, but even want to enjoy a view on of life.Wear Bin to say:Wanting the person who let the foreign country other place can touch a true city, in fact, any natural environment, if any history cultural affairs doesn't travel the destination residents' daily life as space background, all isn't likely to be traveling to acquire a substantial competition on the market.But for nowadays and in the future create the main factor of exquisite article tour destination, wear Bin to say:The visitor likes a place, would like to recommend, share for friend and visit of tour location, usually and his living environment is closely related.Pure sea water, vast

Of waterfalls, special building, the creative publicity advertises ……these may influence them.In addition, wear Bin to think a landmark building and history cultural reality on the book in of the tube of guide, driver and attendant sales clerk, police and city even dances of the aunt and big Yeses are the host of this city, their daily life of a talk 1 line to let this city have live soul.At the same time, wore Bin to still mention Chinese government promulgates in August, this year of lately of the tour industry nike air max 90 hyperfuse salenike air max 2015 saledevelop strategy and guide thought and come to substantial evidence inenhance science tour view to let the citizen is in the tour comfortable heart, rest assured, detection the United States, enjoy the United States, dissemination the United States his citizen and citizen the life is to travel the standpoint of destination truely soft real strenght.Is concrete and get to city, I think if make the visitor be like and walk the relatives often come to often go toward so, we have to learn and set out from the citizen's daily life and learn and have a chat domestic life with the guest of afar, let the visitor get this the honest life spirit is the firewood rice oil salt and live flavor, is the close relatives' felling, is a mother at home at.Mention Zheng Zhou in Henan's tour industry development, wear Bin to think and only have traditional Shaolin Temple, Song mountain, yellow river and large citizen to perfectly melt

Matching to together just have history can think, having scenery can see, there is the experience of tip of the tongue.The visitor passes the sharing of equal sincerity, especially was heartfelt to become intimate with feeling to the common citizen and the attendant, would truely of understand Zheng Zhou, truely walk into Zheng Zhou.Zheng Zhou would truely become the world class tour destination.Because the city is the citizen's living space, let the citizen own warm daily life, I think to have the most beautiful scenery in the visitor's eyes.The data suggests that 2013 the middle of the year, the country domestic tour number comes to a 3,260,000,000 people, according to the estimate, the coming five the middle of the year country nike air max 95 cheapdeparture travels the number will be more than 500,000,000 people.Medium new net Peking gives or gets an electric shock(reporter week Rui) national food science and technology innovation general assembly to convene in Peking on the 16th on November 16.The meeting research deployed from now on food science and technology reform innovating of a period and released an important achievement of a batch of foods research and before tally up typical model experience that communicated food science and technology's work along with the technique.National food bureau chief Ju allows the positive Xiao attendance meeting and talk, the pair bureau chief slowly blares to chair a meeting and make meeting summary, pair bureau chief Wu Zi Dan works to give a talk or lecture.National food bureau chief Ju allows positive Xiao to point out, ensuring the corn is basic from

will develop an important

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The words power and influence of house and newly arisen market nation, thus and betterly economy in the push world is steady to keep on a growth.French national defense Gao Deng the institute for research adviser skin Ai Er ·skin Carl say, as an economic giant, China's leadering summit in 20 country groups top undoubtedly will develop an important function.China has been concentrating on to make economy in the world be getting stronger and carries out prosperity in the world.Economic think tank tile in the Brazil adds a summer of professor of finance of Si foundation the China voice think, nike air max thea womenschairman Xi puts forward a creative development method, and this is well worth Brazil's considering.Carry on economy reform, adjust revenue from tax structure, pass enlargement to lower conveyance cost to the infrastructure realm investment, international competitiveness strengthen a product, resume an economic growth to say into a pass to the Brazil importance.Newspaper in Asia, Thailand is vice- president Qian Feng say, some nations still keep carrying out a trade protection doctrine in the world at present.Chairman Xi suggests to constuct opened world economy, so each economies can be subjected to a benefit in the international trade.Big country in a newly arisen market in Chinese conduct and actions, at arouse have been developing positive effect in region and economy growth in the world.China hopes to use experience that his/her own much in the last years reform opens a backlog and help some poor underdeveloped countries from over

The kind infrastructure beginning gradually develops economy and makes economy in the region able to progress together.Halting China ambassador, Ma Ha Mao, before being Egyptian is virtuous ·Allah Mu mean, in 2008 international financial crisis after, the flourishing economy influence gradually descends, China waits newly arisen nation in the market economy steady growth.The old international economic order has already canned not adapt to ages to develop and increase newly arisen participation degree in nation in the market and words power and influence are necessarily going, only have so, nike air max 2014 trainersthen economy in the world can carry out can keep on a development more healthily.The Allah Mu also says the suggestion of construction opened world economy that chairman Xi puts forward is very meaningful, because under the economic globalization situation, the world has already become one whole, the trade protects doctrine Sun the person harm F, only each economy of worlds all take orders a liberal principle, then trade can more with fluency carry on, then the power of the economic development can hold out for long time more.The councilman, parliament of India federal parliament prints a medium friendly group chairman tower Lun ·Wei Ji Yi say, chairman Xi speaks of to raise newly arisen market nation and the representative and right to speak of developing country in the middle of talking and meets the current and demand that the world develops nowadays very much.Print to win two countries should strengthen a cooperation, make through an economy development second

Too the region keeps peaceably stable, and found a new stage of local area economy growth and prosperity.Malaysia premier Na Ji ex- political secretary Hu Yi Shan of the cloth say, China realizes to break through the bottleneck of repressing the economic development and relieve one of the key of economic vitality be want to strongly develop an infrastructure, promote of the whole all countries of with each other allied mutual communication, the goods can circulate, personnel can new balance 574 salecontacts, economy can the Teng fly.These principle, China not only is sharing with world, but also is pushing a multilateral cooperation by actual activity great strength.(Participate in a reporter:Sun in Europe BE, Wu just, Zhang Qing, Zheng Bin, Zhao Yan, often kid, Ma Yan and Wu Qiang, Wang Da Dun Wei and king in the sky rather, light hair)medium new net Zheng Zhou gave or got an electric shock(Ma Yi Heng) on November 16the daily life of citizen and citizen was city's most beautiful scenery, the place of tour destination truely soft real strenght.On the 16th, China travels institute for research the director wear the Bin travels in 2014 China(Zheng Zhou) world mayoral? forum in the city up expressed he or she lately- developed comprehension is for the tour destination.On this forum, for how develop Chinese special feature to travel destination, China travels institute for research the director wear Bin to think, in the past development tour

a point in the economy

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Agency Guangzhou gives or gets an electric shock(Cai Min Jie) Guangzhou City on November 16 with New Zealand Auckland and Los Angeles, the United States formally sign three on the 16th city the economic alliance cooperate a memo, after becoming an economic alliance, three cities develop a point in the economy, foreign trade, innovation and invest four realms to carry on a material cooperation.Mayoral? Chen Jian Hua in Guangzhou City to mayoral? Ai inside in Los Angeles City, the United States gram ·the Gu is rare to lift and mayoral? Lai boon in the Auckland City ·Brown's 1 line extend a warm nike air max thea menswelcome.Period, Chen Jian Hua and Browns attend together wetly the sea bead in Guangzhou wood from comity in park hold ofthe tree of comity in Guangzhou-Auckland plant a kind of activity and plant the next iron evergreen together.Guangzhou knots with Los Angeles for the country a border in 1981 friendly city, flying of more than 30 in the last yearses in Guangzhou soon develop, can not get away from to draw lessons from to the study of Los Angeles.Collusion development Chen Jian Hua said that Guangzhou still exists many margins with Los Angeles currently and hopes to continue with Los Angeles to strengthen a cooperation from now on, .Gu rare lift proposal, Guangzhou and Los Angeles develop to exchange living to row and let the young man pass study to understand a different city.According to understand, Guangzhou and Los Angeles and Auckland, Auckland and Los Angeles distinguish in 1981, in 1989 and build up in 1971 amity

The city relates to.Three mayor Shis are in being with each other the foundation that the friendly city relates to in the near future and reach the consensus of building up three city economic alliances and push three cities practicality cooperation in the realms, such as economy, trade and investment...etc. thus and further, consolidation and deepen the friend city of of three cities relation.According to the proposal, three city governments uncertain expect with take turns the way convenes three city joint meetings in a city, study and push three city related cooperation items of synchronously push forward.Through three many square investigations with full consultation, expect first to push board of trade three items of realms such as nike air max 95 for salestrategy, port and showbiz etc. to cooperate, include to build up three city board of trade the international trade and item invest a database of allied move;Increase three city airports, aviation between the ports and shipping service, strengthen three flight path between the citieses to expand;Strengthen three attraction kimono duty level etc.s of city ports to the related logistics and the import and export business enterprise.Economy in the help world growth-the oversea personage highly evaluate chairman Xi leaders in 20 country groups summit up of talk President Xi near even Si class 20 country groups for holding leader the ninth-time summit first stage meeting in Australia cloth on the 15th up, make for push a creative development realization allied move growth of heavy

To talk initiate and do and totally urge economic reform of development colleague, carry out an overall growth strategy, push economy in the world the recovery is from the periodic to can keep on growth and change.The oversea expert scholar actively evaluates talking of chairman Xi, think to convert the opinion assertion of China for concrete activity, contribute to economy growth in the world.Australia cloth inside Si mayoral? quark in class City says that talking of chairman Xi leaves a deep impression for him and delivered very aggressive information, made a show of China to wish ensure together to keep on growth and improvement with other nations in the world the people live of commitment and decision.Russian science nike air max 90 hyperfuse womensdeluxe researcher from far east graduate school in hospital don't Er space Er say, along with China is in satge in the world, first is in economy in the world develop of the function continuously promote, China is building up developing a more and more important function in the international political economic new order process.The northeast of Korea second history financial group chief researcher car says in the blessing, chairman Xi puts forward in the speech of 3:00 suggestion be at that moment fixed attention on to and scan widely in future and embodied a having great foresight for the future of big country and actively participate in international business combine practical implement the responsibility of member's obligation and take.China sends out of the voice contribute to raising to develop China

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